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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On the Loose with Dr. Seuss!!!

Celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' birthday with this Common Core Aligned pack! Lots of fun and learning are included!! Most every page comes in both color and black and white. Contents include: Finger puppets (great for retelling), a story map, book report, venn diagram comparing The Cat in the Hat with The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, Dr. Seuss Mystery Picture using the 100 chart, Dr. Seuss Acrostic Poem, Cat in the Hat labeling, 3 different writing prompts, Favorite Book Graphing/tally sheet and questions, and rhyming with the Cat in the Hat.

This pack covers a variety of Common Core standards for the kindergarten and first grade classroom including:

Kindergarten: RL.K.1, RL.K.2, RL.K.3, RL.K.9, RK.K.2a, W.K.1, W.K.2, W.K.7, L.K.1a, L.K.1f, L.K.2, L.K.2a-d, L.K.6, K.CC.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.5, K.OA.1, K.OA.2, K.OA.4, K.OA.5

1st Grade: RL.1.1, RL.1.2, RL.1.7, RL.1.9, W.1.1, W.1.2, W.1.3, L.1.1, L.1.1a-c, L.1.2, L.1.2a-b, L.1.2d-e, 1.OA.1, 1.OA.2, 1.OA.6, 1.NBT.5, 1.MD.4

Click Here For Your Very Own Copy!!

Here are a few pics for you!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! By The 2 Teaching Divas

Santa's little elves have been working hard to get this little kindergarten pack ready just in time for Christmas!  You can Get Yours RIGHT HERE!!!  This kindergarten Christmas pack includes the following items (most in color and black and white). Most of the activities are designed for centers and include some type of recording sheet. Inside this pack you will find: Christmas Tree Counting Lights, recording sheet, letter to Santa (color and black and white), wish list (color and black and white), syllable sort, recording sheet, Christmas Story Map (color and black and white), Christmas rhyming, Christmas word list (color and black and white), Christmas countdown (3 versions, 2 in black and white), and a Santa puppet for retelling.  It covers the following Common Core State Standards: RL.K.1, RL.K.2, RF.K.2a, RF.K.2b, L.K.1, L.K.1a, L.K.1b, L.K.1c, L.K.1d, L.K.1e, L.K.1f, L.K.2, L.K.2a, L.K.2b, L.K.2c, L.K.2d,  K.CC.A.1, K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.4, K.CC.4a, K.CC.4b, and K.CC.B.5.

As always, here are a few pics just for you!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Cute Holiday version of the desk fairy by the 2 Teaching Divas. Plenty of room to attach a pencil, piece of candy, or some other small token. Happy Holidays!! As always, you can  Get Yours Right HERE

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Fun and informative learning pack about The First Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving in general. Printables include: How many words can you build from Thanksgiving, T-chart comparing Thanksgiving Then and Now, I'm Thankful for...., teacher notes for inclusion of technology, a place to take research notes for both the pilgrims and Indians, Venn Diagram comparing the daily life of a pilgrim and Indian, THANKS acrostic poem, non-fiction reading response, and summary graphic organizer (2). This mini unit is designed for grades 2-4. Hope you enjoy.  CLICK RIGHT HERE for your own copy. 

Covers Common Core Standards:RI.2.2, RI.2.5, RI.2.6, RL.3.1, RI.3.1, RI.3.2, RI.3.5, RI.3.7, RI.4.2, RI.4.7, RL.4.1, W.2.2, W.2.5, W.2.6, W.2.7, W.3.2, W.3.4, W.3.6, W.3.7, W.3.8, W.4.2, W.4.4, W.4.7, W.4.8

As always:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Click Here to get our New Punctuation Unit.  This is a mini-unit that covers a variety of language skills for the 1st grade classroom. Example skills include: complete/incomplete sentences, asking/telling sentences, and punctuation marks. Includes mini-posters for the classroom (punctuation) and mini-mini-posters for the writer's notebook, a punctuation flip book, and several printables! Cute graphics, and very useful in the 1st grade classroom!! It covers the following common core standards: L.1.1a, L.1.1b, L.1.1c, L.1.1e, L.1.1j, L.1.2, L.1.2a, L.1.2b, L.1.2d, L.1.2e...Hope you can use!  Here are a few pics for ya!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mr. Turkey Desk Fairy FREEBIE!!

Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving.  We haven't had a freebie in a while, so my mom and I whipped this one up for you.  I know most of my teachers and teacher friends have the desk fairy visit from time to time (just to keep us all up on our toes).  Well, here is your Thanksgiving version.  Hope you like it!  If you do, please leave some positive feedback!  Be KIND, IT IS FREE!!!!  If you don't like it, don't use it!   However, I hope you can enjoy it!!  I left a blank area so that you can tape on some kind of treat (candy, pencil, goodie).  :) You can get it by clicking RIGHT HERE!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guided Reading!!!!

One of the most difficult times in my teacher life, was when I started implementing guided reading groups....I knew I was in a little over my head.  I needed help.......and back in my time, there weren't any literacy coaches or mentor teachers.....I was on my own.....I asked around and of course everyone did/does it differently.....and truthfully, you really do have to find your own grove.  I researched a lot and find some good things here and there and combined what I liked with what was researched based....It wasn't until I went back to get my master's degree in reading education, that I truly understood the reading process and how to teach it.  I have been working, for some time, on a pack that I hope will help novice teachers or seasoned teachers that need some new life into their teaching/implementing of guided reading materials.  None of the information in the pack is something I make up myself, but researched based and often a part of a balanced literacy model.  What this pack is: an organizational tool, a toolbox, a type of support system for the teacher during implementation.  Please note there are NO lesson plans included in this pack.  I really feel like lesson plans can't be pre-planned too far in advance, especially without knowing your learners and their needs and response to prior lessons.  So, included in our Guided Reading + Pack you will find the following items: prompt cards (1 each for supporting early literacy learning, self-monitoring, using all 3 cueing systems, self-correction, fluent reading, meaning cues, structure cues, and visual cues, and one blank card for your use), suggested skills and strategies for text levels (1-38), 2 guided reading lesson plan templates (with a sample), template for keeping up with guided reading groups, forms for reading conferences (both color and black and white), reading fluency scale, 2 guided reading take-home logs (one for a boy and one for a girl), strategy cards (large and individual), and poster size strategy cards for student reading logs.  As always, you can get this wonderful pack Guided Reading Prompt Cards + by The 2 Teaching Divas Right HERE!!!!  My suggestion is to print off the prompt cards and hole punch them and put onto a ring, just so you can have them handy!!  I hope that you can use these cards as you implement the common core and teach your babies how to read!!!  Here are a few pics for you:

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Halloween! by The 2 Teaching Divas

Whew!  Where does the time go???  I have been working diligently on a new Halloween pack.  It is finally ready (yea....too bad Halloween is almost over!!!!)!!  Anyway, this is my favorite time of year and I couldn't help myself!!  This pack just kept getting bigger and bigger!  I wanted to include some additional items, but I simply ran out of time. I hope to do so later.  This pack will be a wonderful addition to your learning centers for the week before and week of Halloween.  it includes the following activities:Creative Writing (including all 3 Common Core Genres: Informative/Explanatory, Opinion, and Narrative), CGI Word Problems, Fact Family mats, syllable sorting, rhyming sort, true/false math equation sort, Halloween Word building, capital/lowercase letter matching, and a few other things.  As always, you can get this great pack by clicking right HERE!!!  And, here are a few pics for you!! FUN!!!! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Response to Intervention

Wow!!! I don't know about you, but the past few weeks have been CRAZY!!!!!  I know we havn't blogged much, but you know how it is.....classroom set up, open house, PD, kids....WHEW!  I hope things are finally calming down a little.  :)

As we all start to embrace a new year, we have new students with differing abilities and needs.  Response to Intervention is something that all educators encounter at some point in their teaching careers.  To me, it was very scary!  How do I know which kids need intervention, what do I do, who do I ask, how do I document, etc.....sooooooooo Susan and I have created a pack that is designed to help you busy teachers with the RtI process.  In this pack you will find everything you need to help you get started with RTI. There are several forms including: RtI Description and Information on each Tier, Additional Resources Page (including more information on RtI and resources that have practical application for the classroom), Status of the Class Form, Possible Student in Need Form, Data Form for Assessments, Individual Student Action Plan, 2 different forms for documentation, list of sample options for changes in intervention, and a lesson plan template designed for the Tiered Model of RtI. You can get your Response to Intervention Pack right HERE!  And, as always, we have some pics of this GREAT, NEW product!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weekly Reading Records!

In this pack you will find 18 weeks (a semester) worth of reading records. The first 9 weeks are designed for fiction texts and the second 9 weeks are designed for nonfiction texts.   No 2 records are the same.  This pack can easily get you through the entire year by sending home each weekly packet 2 times.  It covers the common core anchor standards: RL.1, RL.2, RL.3, RL.4, RL.5, RL.6, RL.7, RL.10, RI.1, RI.2, RI.4, RI.5, RI.6, RI.7, RI.8, and RI.10.  This pack can be used for homework or guided reading take home bags.  Follow THIS LINK to visit our teacher store and get these for yourself!   


Friday, August 2, 2013

Authors' Supporting Reasons

Here is a graphic organizer to help your little ones with the Common Core Standard RI.8: Identify the reasons an author gives to support points in a text.  Hope you can use!  Click RIGHT HERE to get it for FREE! Please leave us a comment!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to School!

Well, it's almost that time of year!  I know we are all thinking about our rooms and schedules and EVERYTHING that comes with Back to School.  :) It can be a very stressful time of year.  Susan and I have a great special for you, just to make your life a little easier.  We call it the Back to School Bash by The 2 Teaching Divas.  It has a variety of things you can use in your K-3 classroom those first few days of school, and right now, we are running it for ONLY $3.00!!!  You can't beat that!  You can download it Right Here!  Here are a few pics for you!