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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shape Witch!

I LOVE teaching during this time of year! It is such fun!!!!  I know Susan and I have several Halloween/Fall items, but I couldn't resist this....our kindergartners are working on 2D shapes and so my wheels have been turning....what could students create using shapes that is seasonal....well, A WITCH, OF COURSE!  It turned out super cute....and I think you will like it!  The first 2 people to comment below can have their own copy for FREE....but, please leave your email address and tell why you think you want this CUTE witch!  I will caution you that there is a lot of cutting, so you may want to do this in more than one sitting!  This does cover almost all of the Kindergarten Geometry Common Core Standards!  Below are some pics and click the LINK HERE to purchase you very own!