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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Do you want to build a snowman?

This is the perfect explanatory writing for this time of year! Students will create their own flip-book on how to build a snowman. Prior to their writing, students build their own snowman which then serves as a backdrop to showcase their writing. SUPER CUTE!! 

Contents include:
Snowman Web for planning
Pieces for Building a Snowman

Get your own copy Right HERE!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! If you are looking for a product to help your littles ring in the New Year, then you HAVE FOUND IT!! This product is perfect combination of writing and crafting. It makes a super cute display and will be updated every year. So, buy it now and have it FOREVER! I will offer this product free to the first person who leaves a comment with their email address. Thank you!  

Product Includes: 
1 Boy PeekOver
1 Girl PeekOver
Boy pieces for copying
Girl pieces for copying
New Year's Resolution Page
Boy New Year's traditions page
Girl New Year's traditions page
2016 Flipbook
2016 Goal page
2015 Year In Review

Get your own copy RIGHT HERE!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Intern Binder

Hello, all!  Hope everyone is relaxing and about to enjoy a much need Christmas Break!  Woohoo!  A friend of mine is about to receive her first student teacher when we head back in January and she was at a loss as to what she is supposed to do with her! HA!  I started researching and asking other teachers what they shared with their student teachers or wished their cooperating teacher had shared with them.....well, as you can guess the list was extensive, but I tried to compile what I thought was most pertinent and universal and then, created a binder.  Just think, you can have a CUTE and useful welcome gift for your own student teacher.  Think how welcome and excited he/she will be!!

In this EDITABLE binder, you will find everything you need to greet and inform your student teacher! If you would like something specific and it is not included, just contact me and I will add it for you! 

Contents include: 
binder cover, binder spines for a 1 inch and 2 inch binder, welcome letter, information cover page, contact information page, school information page, school expectations page, lesson plan cover page, lesson plan open text page, our class cover page, student roster page, student pic page, student demographic page, procedures cover page, daily schedule page, procedures page, behavior page, resource cover page, and blank resource page. 

Your student teacher will love this ADORABLE binder with all the information they need in order to be successful! AND, it makes your life easier! Type the instructions once and you have them FOREVER!! :)

Get your own copy RIGHT HERE!  Below are some pics!  I would love to give one of these away to the first person to leave a comment and provide their email address.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shape Witch!

I LOVE teaching during this time of year! It is such fun!!!!  I know Susan and I have several Halloween/Fall items, but I couldn't resist this....our kindergartners are working on 2D shapes and so my wheels have been turning....what could students create using shapes that is seasonal....well, A WITCH, OF COURSE!  It turned out super cute....and I think you will like it!  The first 2 people to comment below can have their own copy for FREE....but, please leave your email address and tell why you think you want this CUTE witch!  I will caution you that there is a lot of cutting, so you may want to do this in more than one sitting!  This does cover almost all of the Kindergarten Geometry Common Core Standards!  Below are some pics and click the LINK HERE to purchase you very own! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Skill Binder 2nd Grade Edition

Well, it is here!  After many requests and much procrastinating, I finally modified our Skill binder for second grade!  The word wall is editable!  Hope you like it!  You can get your own copy RIGHT HERE!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Math About Me!!

Very cute, hands-on craftivity just right for back to school! Learn all about your new students and the math in their lives! Makes a very cute display and covers a variety of standards! Inside this pack there are 4 different Math about Me pages (ranging from easy to more difficult) and 9 different kids to choose from. As always, you can get yours RIGHT HERE!!! 

Here are a few pics for you!  Enjoy!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

It is here!!!

The EDITABLE Kindergarten Skill Binder is ready!  Many of you have already purchased our first grade skill binder and have asked for the kindergarten version. I have been working on it, among other things, and it is finally ready!  You can get yours for only $1.50 RIGHT HERE!!!  As always, here are a few pics for you!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Editable Back to School Themed PowerPoint!!

Ok, If you are like me, you like everything to be cute!! It often takes me hours to get presentations, agendas, and notes with just the right graphics and borders! I started thinking that perhaps other people are like me! So, I began creating. I hope you like this editable PowerPoint that can be used for your own presentations, task cards, binder covers, or anything else you need to cute up! :)
Follow this Link to get your own set!

Monday, May 25, 2015

My Skill Binder!

Do your students have a skill binder? Or maybe a reading/writing notebook? Or some kind of individual tool they use for quick reference? If so, here is a brand new resource for you! If not, well, it is your lucky day!! This product simplifies many first grade skills into a few pages so that students can use this for a reference tool. It is very handy and condensed version of your mini-lessons! Students use this as they become more independent learners! This is an awesome scaffold! At this time, there is only a color version and the word wall is EDITABLE!!! You can enter any set of words you want making it prescriptive to your learners! Get this resource for just $1.00 for a LIMITED time! Get your own copy RIGHT HERE!!!   As always, here are a few pics for you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teaching Binder UPDATE!!

Get the latest updates for our adorable teaching binder,..... RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!  Here are a few new pics for you!  Enjoy!!!