Sunday, April 6, 2014


I don't know about you, but I am in LOVE with QR Codes!  I have been trying to think of a variety of ways to incorporate them into my classroom and I finally came up with a way!  CENTERS!!! Story Time!  Woohoo!  So, in this pack you will find: six different links to websites that read stories to kids online (literally includes HUNDREDS of stories read aloud).  Students simply scan the QR Code and it takes them to the website...once there, they choose a text to read! Awesome resource!!! These stories include both fiction and non-fiction and are appropriate for Pre-K, kindergarten, first, and as an intervention in second grade. Hope that you enjoy and please, if I need to correct or add anything, email me prior to leaving negative feedback! I would be more than willing to correct anything!

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As always, here are a few pics:

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I cannot believe that our Spring Break is almost over.  Geez!  Seems like it just began.  I know when you get back to school, your kiddos will be excited to share all about what they did, who they saw, and how much they missed you.  Channel that excitement into a fun writing activity....and Susan and I have just the outlet for you!!!  Click HERE to get your FREE copy!  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Susan and I have a WONDERFUL treat for you!  Here is a close reading pack for beginners! It has everything you will need to get you started!! There are many wonderful pages that describe what close reading is...many graphic organizers to help you implement...and some lesson plans for 4 weeks using some common mentor texts (Mrs. Wishy Washy, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, The Enormous Watermelon, and The Little Red Hen).

Graphic Organizers Located Inside:
Asking Questions
Story Map (Generic)
Lesson Learned
Main Idea and Key Details
Character Analysis
Non-Fiction (3 different ones)

In this large pack you will also find 4 weeks (4 days each) of detailed close reading lesson plans using a mentor text.

This pack is aligned to the Common Core State Standards with a complete list located inside. 

I think you will love this pack!!

Here is the fun part......I am WILLING to GIVE this pack away to 2 LUCKY followers (I don't have that many sooooo....your chances are pretty good!  Just post a comment about how you would use it and I will let a 3rd party pick 2 numbers...if it's win!  Just make sure you leave an email address! 

As  can find your own RIGHT HERE!!!
Here are a few photos for you!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Desk Fairy

Sometimes those desks just get plain nasty!!  That's when the desk fairy would make an appearance.  She always left a note and a small treat.  So, here is one that Susan and I made just for you!  These look really cute with a small pixie stick attached.  You can get yours RIGHT HERE!!  Hope you can use.  Please leave a positive note, if you like it.  If you don't like it, don't say anything.  :)


Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Groundhog's Day!!

Yes, can you believe that it is almost February????  With the beginning of February comes one of my favorite times of year.....Groundhog's Day!!  Susan and I have been working to get this little packet complete prior to the big day!!!  And we made it.  Well, here it is....and of course here are some pics for you....I did some of these activities in my novice teacher's class and we had a blast.  :) You can get your own copy HERE.....

We have also created a Groundhog day pack for the upper grades!  You can get yours HERE!
Here are some pics for the big kids!!!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On the Loose with Dr. Seuss!!!

Celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' birthday with this Common Core Aligned pack! Lots of fun and learning are included!! Most every page comes in both color and black and white. Contents include: Finger puppets (great for retelling), a story map, book report, venn diagram comparing The Cat in the Hat with The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, Dr. Seuss Mystery Picture using the 100 chart, Dr. Seuss Acrostic Poem, Cat in the Hat labeling, 3 different writing prompts, Favorite Book Graphing/tally sheet and questions, and rhyming with the Cat in the Hat.

This pack covers a variety of Common Core standards for the kindergarten and first grade classroom including:

Kindergarten: RL.K.1, RL.K.2, RL.K.3, RL.K.9, RK.K.2a, W.K.1, W.K.2, W.K.7, L.K.1a, L.K.1f, L.K.2, L.K.2a-d, L.K.6, K.CC.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.5, K.OA.1, K.OA.2, K.OA.4, K.OA.5

1st Grade: RL.1.1, RL.1.2, RL.1.7, RL.1.9, W.1.1, W.1.2, W.1.3, L.1.1, L.1.1a-c, L.1.2, L.1.2a-b, L.1.2d-e, 1.OA.1, 1.OA.2, 1.OA.6, 1.NBT.5, 1.MD.4

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Here are a few pics for you!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! By The 2 Teaching Divas

Santa's little elves have been working hard to get this little kindergarten pack ready just in time for Christmas!  You can Get Yours RIGHT HERE!!!  This kindergarten Christmas pack includes the following items (most in color and black and white). Most of the activities are designed for centers and include some type of recording sheet. Inside this pack you will find: Christmas Tree Counting Lights, recording sheet, letter to Santa (color and black and white), wish list (color and black and white), syllable sort, recording sheet, Christmas Story Map (color and black and white), Christmas rhyming, Christmas word list (color and black and white), Christmas countdown (3 versions, 2 in black and white), and a Santa puppet for retelling.  It covers the following Common Core State Standards: RL.K.1, RL.K.2, RF.K.2a, RF.K.2b, L.K.1, L.K.1a, L.K.1b, L.K.1c, L.K.1d, L.K.1e, L.K.1f, L.K.2, L.K.2a, L.K.2b, L.K.2c, L.K.2d,  K.CC.A.1, K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.4, K.CC.4a, K.CC.4b, and K.CC.B.5.

As always, here are a few pics just for you!!!