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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Editable Binder Covers

Susan and I have been dabbling in the editable files for TPT.  Here is our first attempt!  We hope you like it.  Please follow us and leave some feedback!  Enjoy! Get your own right HERE!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


UPDATED!!!! In this pack you will find everything you need to help you get started with RTI.  New items that have been added: Tier cover pages for your assessment notebook (1 for each tier), quick guide reference for each tier, strategic planning pages for reading, writing, and math, and 2 additional forms for documentation.   I also listened to your comments and made the boxes a little larger and added a page just for notes on the intervention.    There are several forms including: RtI Description and Information on each Tier, Additional Resources Page (including more information on RtI and resources that have practical application for the classroom), Status of the Class Form, Possible Student in Need Form, Data Form for Assessments, Individual Student Action Plan, 2 different forms for documentation, list of sample options for changes in intervention, and a lesson plan template designed for the Tiered Model of RtI.  Get your own copy Right HERE!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Teaching Binder!!

WOW!! The ULTIMATE organizational tool for the busy teacher!!!  This binder will keep you sane throughout the busy school year with both handy forms, dividers, and cover pages.  Contents include: cover page, student information sheet, roster sheet, birthday calendar, student information cover sheet, parent contact log, transportation log, student data cover sheet, assessments at a glance information sheet, IEP Cover Sheet, 504 Cover Sheet, RTI cover sheet, sub information cover page, sub report, allergy information page, schedule page, map for fire drill, map for tornado drill, teacher note for sub, calendar cover page, 2014/2015 calendar, lesson plan cover page, meeting notes cover page, meeting notes form (2 choices), standards cover page, pacing guide cover page, grade-book cover page, ELA cover page, math cover page, social studies cover page, science cover page, field-trip cover page, field-trip form, professional development over page, professional development log, evaluation cover page, TESS cheatsheet, artifact cheetsheet, ELL cover sheet, DIBELS cover sheet, school improvement plan cover sheet, divider tabs for your binder, and several binder spines to choose from!  Artwork is adorable!!  

You can get yours RIGHT HERE!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Well, Susan and I are trying to modify, make better :). some of our earlier here is one of our best sellers, COMPLETELY UPDATED and FREE for a limited time!!! :) It is our Back to School Bash.  Pack includes: All About Me Posters (in color and black and white), Find Someone Who (10 different boards), Student Goal Setting, pencil toppers (several different ones that state: You're Just "Write" for our Class!), Back to School Book List with coordinating activities (books included in pack: David Goes to School, First Day Jitters, The Recess Queen, Stand in my Shoes, Chrysanthemum, and Wemberly Worried), Facts about Me, My Buddy (an introduction of a new friend), and Summertime Blues (all about your wonderful summer),

Great for the k-3 classroom! Helps develop a positive classroom environment and sets students up for the remainder of the year! 

Aligned to Common Core!  Go and get this while it is FREE and PLEASE leave some feedback!  We are trying to grow our store!!! :) As always, you can get your copy RIGHT HERE!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Close Reading: Nursery Rhyme Edition!!

As a kindergarten teacher, I know how important nursery rhymes are to the beginning reader. In this pack, I have combined students love of nursery rhymes along with what the Common Core state standards describes as close reading. This nursery rhyme pack includes 4 weeks of close reading for the kindergarten classroom. Contents include:
Close Reading Description
4 days of explicit lesson plans using 4 different nursery rhymes (Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, and Little Boy Blue)
mini-posters for each rhyme
student posters for each rhyme
sequencing cards for each rhyme
retelling bracelets for each rhyme
graphic organizers for each rhyme

Please message me with any questions! I know you will love this pack!!

This pack includes the following standards for kindergarten: RL.K.1

RL.K.2, RL.K.3, RL.K.4, RL.K.5, RL.K.10, RF.K.1a, RF.K.1b, RF.K.1c, RF.K.2a, RF.K.4, W.K.3, SL.K.1a, SL.K.2, SL.K.6, L.K.1a, L.K.1, L.K.1b, L.K.1c, L.K.1d, L.K.1e, L.K.1f, L.K.2, L.K.2a, L.K.2b, L.K.2c, L.K.2d, L.K.4, L.K.6

As always, you can get your own copy RIGHT HERE!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

School Memories!

A wonderfully cute end of the year memory book for grades pre-k-4th grade! Capture all of your students' learning and growth in this fun and engaging pack! It includes everything you need to wrap up your memorable year! Most every page comes in both color and black and white. Contents include: Cover page (color and black and white), title page (color and black and white), my teacher page (color and black and white), class photo page (color and black and white), class list (color and black and white), friends (color and black and white), my favorites page (color and black and white), field-trips (color and black and white), when I grow up (color and black and white), smarty pants (color and black and white), what I will miss about ___ grade (black and white only), autographs (color and black and white), a note from your teacher (color and black and white), and the best thing about ____ grade (color and black and white). 
You can get your copy HERE!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Interactive Notebooks! Time to the Hour and Half Hour....1MD.3

I am just beginning to explore interactive notebooks and from what I can gather, they seem really cool!  I can think of so many different ways to use them!!!  If you aren't sure about a little further...if you are...well....scroll down!

The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers while manipulating and interacting with the content.  The interactive notebook can be placed into a spiral bound notebook, a composition notebook, or 3 ring binder. 
Some benefits for Interactive Notebooks include: 
Allows students to organize information that they have learned in class.
Meets the needs of a variety of learners by allowing students to process material in a way that makes sense to them. 
Encourages creativity.
  • Becomes a reference tool for students.
Can be used as an assessment tool.

Tick Tock goes the clock!! Wanna fun and engaging way to help teach the Common Core Standard 1.MD.3? This interactive notebook might be just what you are looking for! It includes 10 different telling time interactive activities designed just for your firsties! Pack includes pictures, directions, and I Can statements for each activity.  You can get your own copy right HERE!