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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Counting the Days of School on Ten Frames!!

Want a fun and cute way to track the number of days we have been in school? This small pack provides a cover and enough ten-frames to count each day of the school year. 

Ten frames make an easy way to visualize and conceptualize a ten. They aide students in developing and understanding place value. Sample discussion questions include: How many more days until we make a ten? How many tens in the number ____? How many more days until ______? Can you write a number sentence to match? How would you write that number? How many digits in that number? Which digit represents the tens place?

Here are a few pics and you can get your own copy RIGHT HERE!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Me, As a Reader! By The 2 Teaching Divas

Looking for a super cute way to get to know the readers in your classroom?  Well, look no futher!  Susan and I have created a fun, engaging, and easy way to do that!  In our "Me, As a Reader! pack, students take a reading inventory and then create a cute peekover to display their work!   Choose from 2 different reading surveys and 9 different kids. Awesome way to introduce reading workshop or new classmates! Fun way to tie in a cute peekover with the academics of language arts! 

Great for Back to School! 
Awesome for Open House!

Get your own copy RIGHT HERE!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

UPDATED!!!  Everything you need for those first few days back to school! Great for the New Teacher Evaluation System!!! 

Pack includes: All About Me Posters (in color and black and white), Find Someone Who (10 different boards), Student Goal Setting, pencil toppers (several different ones that state: You're Just "Write" for our Class!), Facts about Me, My Buddy (an introduction of a new friend), High hopes (what do you hope to learn), Questions I have about this grade/school year, My name is, My strengths and challenges (boy and girl edition) First day of school feelings, Flower Craftivity, I bloom and wilt when..., School behavior sort, advice for school/school rules recording sheet, mouse craftivity, I worry when..., Stand in my Shoes craftivity, and Summertime Blues (all about your wonderful summer), Great for the k-3 classroom! Helps develop a positive classroom environment and sets students up for the remainder of the year! 

This pack aligns with the Common Core State Standards!!  Get your own copy RIGHT HERE!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Forms at Your Fingertips UPDATE!!

Susan and I have just finished updating our forms pack!  Now, the awesome forms have super cute graphics to match!!

The mother load of forms for the busy teacher! This pack has every form that you can think of including:
Reading Observations
Reading Conferences
Reading Fluency Scale
Definition of Writing Types and Writing Process Stages
Writing Observations
Writing Conferences
Student Information
Open-House Sign in Sheet
Back to School Night Sign-In Sheet
Meet the Teacher Sign-In Sheet
Math Observations
KWL Chart
To Do List
Desk Fairy
Birthday Chart
Parent Volunteer Survey
Reading Log
Transportation Log
Parent Interview About Child
School Supply Alert
Parent Contact Log
Class List
Password Keeper
Meeting Notes
Field-trip Form
Sub Report 

EVERY form comes in both color and black and white!

Get your very own copy RIGHT HERE!!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the forms! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Response to Intervention!

I don't know about you, but RTI can be a little overwhelming to me!  Susan and I have worked on upgrading our RTI pack so that there are a few more forms for documentation and cover pages. I hope you like! Forms include: Binder cover page, Tier cover pages for your assessment notebook (1 for each tier), quick guide reference for each tier, strategic planning pages for reading, writing, and math, 3 additional forms for documentation, RtI Description and Information on each Tier, Status of the Class Form, Possible Student in Need Form, Data Form for Assessments, Individual Student Action Plan, 2 different forms for documentation, list of sample options for changes in intervention, and a lesson plan template designed for the Tiered Model of RtI. You can grab your own copy RIGHT HERE!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hoppy Easter!

Springtime is such a fun time to teach! The majority of content has been taught and teachers and students are working on refining skills and adding those finishing touches. In this Easter packet, you will find several resources to help your students shine and show just how much they have grown! Included you will find several printables:

Easter Bunny Craftivity
Label the Easter Bunny 
Easter story map
Easter Adjectives
The Easter Bunny is, can, has
2 Blank Easter Themed Writing Pages
Somebunny Loves Me Writing Page
How to Decorate Easter Eggs Writing Page
How to Decorate Easter Eggs Flip Book
Peep Lesson Plan for Sink/Float and Changing Physical Properties
Peep Science Journal
All About My Peep Creative Writing Page
Easter Bunny's Assistant Application

You can get your own copy RIGHT HERE!!  As always, here are a few pics to showcase the product!  Hope you enjoy!  I will provide one lucky follower this pack for free. Just be the first to list your name and email address!  

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Read Across America! By The 2 Teaching Divas

Want some fun activities to help celebrate Read Across America? Then, look no further! 

In this pack you will find: 
Venn Diagram comparing/contrasting 2 books (color and black and white) 
Book Report (color and black and white)
Character Mystery Picture on the 100s chart (includes cards with directions and key)
READ Acrostic Poem (color and black and white)
Cat Character Labeling (color and black and white)
Opinion Writing Prompt on Favorite Book (color and black and white)
Author Study Posters for Beatrix Potter, Doreen Cronin, Jan Brett, Eric Carle, Kevin Henkes, and Mo Willems (black and white only)
Character Cat Rhyming (color and black and white)
Story Map (color and black and white)
Finger Puppets (color and black and white)
Character Cat Peekover (black and white only)
Standards page

Lots of fun and super cute activities to help you learners develop a love of reading!  Get your own copy RIGHT HERE!!  However, I will be willing to give this to one lucky follower!  Just be the first to comment with your email address below!  Must include your name, email address, and why you would like this pack!  

As always, here are a few pictures!